Ready to hit your first $100K?

How about $20K, $30K, or even $50K in sales EVERY MONTH?

Let's get you to the NEXT LEVEL of sales for your product-based business.

In January 2024, I'll be opening the doors to Boutique Builder Bootcamp.

BBB is our hands-on mentorship program for boutique owners that are eager to hit their first $100K & BEYOND! It's all of the support & guidance you need to hit your NEXT LEVEL goals!

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Here's a sample of what you'll get:

⚡️ Weekly LIVE trainings that keep you up to date on what's working NOW in the boutique world.

⚡️ 1:1 coaching in a group setting so you can learn from your peers while also getting personalized support

⚡️ A "netflix-style" library of trainings so you can focus on the areas of your business where you need support NOW

⚡️ An online community of other boutique owners that are IN IT with you. We brainstorm new promo ideas, high five each other for our accomplishments, and hold each other accountable to our goals. Your new biz bestie awaits! 


Hi! I'm Jessica.

In 2017, I built my boutique from scratch and scaled it to six figures... while my kids were napping. 

While my kids are past the napping stage, the strategies I developed during that time helped me to continue to grow my boutique in just 2-3 hours/day…using ONLY organic strategies. 

Now, I'm here to help other busy moms do the same with my step-by-step system that will get you to your first $100K & BEYOND!

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Whether you're starting at ZERO or you've owned a boutique for years, the strategies that I share with you will make sure you're set up for long term SUCCESS!!

Inside the Boutique Builder community, you'll find all the support you need every step of the way. I want to help you bypass all the stress & nonsense that comes from going at it alone. Let's skip to the good part, ok? 

If you are ready to show up and do the work, I’m confident that you will experience the same success I did! 

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Thank you Jessica for the boost I needed! The course is perfect and helps me stay on brand, on trend, and motivated to keep going! I enrolled 6 months ago and I've grown every single month since I've started the course. I keep blowing my sales goals out of the water. I am so freaking stoked!!

COURTNEY ANDERSON  |   Owner, Momma B's Boutique

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Not only is she a great support system, she is honest (sometimes brutally honest) which actually I appreciate so much because that’s what gets results! She has a way of seeing what needs to be done and has solutions to help you get those things done. I highly recommend her course.

MICHELLE MALIE  |   Owner, The Cookie Kitchen Bakery


In just 60 days, I have made back my investment and even turned a PROFIT!

CARLIE WOOD  |   Owner,

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